Factors that Affect Invisalign Cost By James Altomare, DDS on May 19, 2019

Invisalign alignersInvisalign® aligners straighten the teeth and realign the jaw to address a wide range of orthodontic problems. Invisalign is comparable to traditional braces in many ways, but it offers numerous unique benefits that make it a much more discreet, convenient, and comfortable teeth straightening treatment.

Many assume that Invisalign treatment is more costly than traditional orthodontic treatments, but in many cases, the cost of Invisalign is similar to that of braces. As with other teeth straightening treatments, the exact cost will vary for each patient. Here, Invisalign provider Dr. James Altomare discusses some of the factors that affect Invisalign costs for our Skillman, NJ patients.

Complexity of Treatment

The main factor that affects the cost of Invisalign treatment is the complexity of the malocclusion problems. If a patient only has a few teeth that need to be straightened, or the bite is just slightly off, Invisalign treatment should be pretty straightforward and short. Conversely, more complex malocclusion problems, such as a severe overbite or underbite, will take more time to correct.

In short, complex malocclusion problems will require more aligners. The more aligners that are needed, the longer treatment will take. This affects the cost of treatment.

More complex cases are also likely to require more frequent follow-up appointments, which can also increase the cost of Invisalign treatment.

Provider Experience

Although there may be minor differences, Invisalign costs should be pretty comparable among similarly trained or experienced Invisalign providers. If one provider is vastly cheaper than others, there is likely a reason for that.

Inexperienced Invisalign providers may charge less, but that inexperience could lead to less satisfactory treatment results, which could lead to the need for additional treatment down the road.

Patient Cooperation

After undergoing a thorough Invisalign consultation at our Skillman practice, patients will receive more accurate information about their unique Invisalign treatment plan, including the anticipated cost of treatment.

If a patient closely follows all provided instructions, treatment should progress as planned. However, Invisalign results rely greatly on patient cooperation. Because the aligners can be removed, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they are worn as directed, for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. If a patient does not follow this guideline, treatment can take longer, more aligners may be needed, and the cost of treatment could increase.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance will not affect the actual cost of Invisalign treatment, but it can certainly affect the out-of-pocket cost for each patient. Many insurance providers treat Invisalign the same as they would traditional orthodontic treatment; if a patient has insurance coverage for braces, they may receive benefits for Invisalign.

Our dental team is happy to work alongside our patients’ insurance providers so that we can let each patient know how much they can expect to pay for Invisalign treatment once any applicable insurance benefits have been applied.

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If you have more questions about the cost of Invisalign treatment, or the process itself, Dr. James Altomare would be happy to provide you with information. To learn more, call us in Skillman at (609) 921-1020 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Altomare at your earliest convenience.

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