Advantages of Valplast® Flexible Dentures By James Altomare, DDS on May 19, 2016

Male with a full, white, attractive smileAdult tooth loss affects many dental patients. In response to this common dental problem, dental specialists have developed a number of dental treatments that address tooth loss while providing patients with additional benefits that they may not get from more traditional restorative dental treatments. Dentures are a reliable restoration that can replace a small group of missing teeth, or up to an entire arch of teeth. Unfortunately, traditional dentures have a reputation of being rigid, uncomfortable, and ill-fitting. This is why Dr. James Altomare offers Valplast® flexible dentures to our Skillman, NJ patients. Valplast® flexible dentures are more comfortable and discreet than traditional dentures, and are a great option for patients who are recovering from dental implant treatment.

What Sets Valplast® Dentures Apart?

Valplast® flexible dentures are far more comfortable than traditional dentures. While traditional dentures are made of bulky, rigid plastic materials, Valplast® is composed of thin, flexible materials. These dentures fit discreetly in the mouth and do not require any metal clasps to hold them in place. Instead, they attach to the natural teeth with the same thin plastic that sits over the gum line. This plastic is so thin that it is almost transparent. As a result, the Valplast® flexible dentures pick up characteristics of the underlying gum tissue and blend in seamlessly with the natural gums and teeth. This device is more comfortable than traditional dentures, more discreet than traditional dentures, and yet still maintains its strength and durability. In fact, Valplast® uses nylon, which is actually stronger than the acrylic that is typically used in the fabrication of other partial dentures.

Candidates for Valplast® Dentures

There are several treatment options available to those who have suffered from adult tooth loss, and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Valplast® flexible dentures are suitable for many of our patients. Patients that may be ideal candidates for Valplast® flexible dentures include:

  • Patients who have lost a group of teeth from the same area of the mouth
  • Patients who want a less invasive treatment option than a dental bridge or implant-supported dentures
  • Patients who are looking for a more comfortable alternative to traditional partial dentures
  • Patients who are recovering from dental implant surgery (Valplast® flexible dentures are a great temporary restoration while a patient waits for their dental implants to fuse with the jawbone so that permanent restorations can be placed)

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If you have experienced adult tooth loss, it is important to address this problem before your remaining natural teeth begin to suffer. With time, the remaining teeth in your mouth will shift out of place, affecting your bite and making it more difficult to treat your tooth loss. By seeking immediate treatment with Valplast® flexible dentures, you can limit the damage caused by tooth loss. To learn more about Valplast® flexible dentures or any of the other restorative dental treatments offered at Dr. James Altomare’s renowned dental practice, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you rebuild a strong and beautiful smile.

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