Cosmetic Dental Bonding Helps Patients Improve the Appearance of the Smile By James Altomare, DDS on May 20, 2015

Young woman with an unblemished smileAre you completely satisfied with the appearance of your smile? If you are like the majority of the patients seen by Dr. James Altomare, than the answer is probably “no.” Although cosmetic oral flaws are not always severe, most people have some blemishes that they’d like to have corrected. These patients may be good cosmetic dental bonding candidates. Dr. Altomare frequently performs this procedure at our Skillman practice. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that allows patients to enhance the beauty of their smile by concealing discoloration and other imperfections. This is a simple and non-invasive procedure that can give patients the satisfaction of a revamped smile in as little as a single day.

Candidates for Treatment

Cosmetic dental bonding is an easy way to mask oral flaws and create the appearance of a straight, white, unblemished smile. One of the many benefits of cosmetic dental bonding is that virtually all of our patients are candidates for this treatment. This is one of the safest forms of cosmetic dental treatment, is a painless procedure, requires no alteration to the natural teeth, and is an affordable treatment option for the majority of our patients. In addition, cosmetic dental bonding has a wide range of uses and can address all of the same cosmetic conditions as porcelain veneers. Patients whose smile has been compromised by any of the following issues may want to consider dental bonding treatment:

  • Tooth discoloration and stains (cosmetic dental bonding can address both intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration)
  • Chips or cracks on the teeth
  • Misshapen or unevenly sized teeth
  • Minor alignment problems
  • Spacing issues, such as gaps between the teeth
  • Receding gum lines

It is important to note that, while the dental compound material we use is durable, it is not as strong as porcelain veneers. Still, cosmetic dental bonding is a great treatment option for those who are looking for a more affordable and less-invasive treatment option than porcelain veneers. Cosmetic dental bonding can be completed in just a single appointment and, with proper care, can improve the appearance of the smile for an average of five years, and up to 10 years.

Poor Dental Bonding Candidates

There are some conditions and habits that may delay dental bonding treatment. Dental bonding can improve the appearance of the teeth, but it does not improve their health, so if any signs of decay are present, this should be addressed prior to cosmetic treatment. The same is true of gum disease, which should be treated before the teeth are cosmetically treated. Finally, patients who have oral habits such as nail biting or teeth grinding may want to carefully consider dental bonding treatment, as the excessive wear and tear caused by these habits may cause the dental bonding material to chip or fall off.

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Altomare has the cosmetic solutions that can help you enhance the beauty of your smile. If you are looking to address cosmetic flaws, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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